Bottom Dumps

Dump trailers with a clamshell dump gate are known as bottom dump trailers. When the clamshell is opened front to back, items can be carefully put in a window left and right or scattered uniformly across the back of the trailer.

This trailer is unlike any other end dump trailer in terms of operation. The bottom dump operates without the use of a hoist or wet kit and unloads from a clamshell gate underneath the trailer. Because it merely requires truck air to operate, any truck built to tow a semitrailer may tow this model. Typically used for roadwork windrowing or applications requiring hopper dumping.

bottom dumps

End Dumps

End dumps are garbage disposal vehicles with an open-top box that transport and deposit waste. These boxes are mechanically lifted into the air, and their contents are unloaded out the back by raising the front-most section upward while the back portion remains close to the ground.

The dump box of an end dump trailer is raised, and the load is released from the back. End dump trucks, which are often manufactured of aluminum to save weight, have higher sides than either the belly dump or the side dump. This increases the capacity of the end dump, allowing it to handle greater loads with abrasive materials for higher payloads.

end dump in western region

Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed truck is a huge automobile with no sides or roof around the bed and a plain body. These trucks are generally used to deliver huge cargo that will not be harmed by harsh weather or rough roads. Their special bed design is appropriate for cargo that would be too big for an enclosed body truck.

Flatbed trucks are designed to carry massive loads. They can handle heavy loads that would be impossible for trailers or other vehicles to handle. It can hold a lot of stuff, which means fewer journeys back and forth. You’ll also be able to handle enormous, irregularly shaped loads more easily.

Lowbed/Heavy Haul Trucking Service

A Lowboy is a type of equipment trailer that is low to the ground and capable of hauling large, heavy items. As a result, it’s suitable for transporting Loaders, Articulated Rock Trucks, Screeners, and other heavy machinery.

Most road networks will not allow over-dimensional tall equipment to be carried lawfully without a lowboy trailer.

All rules and regulations must be followed by drivers. As a result, you must always double-check how your heavy equipment will be transported by your carrier or driver. Because utilizing the wrong equipment can have major ramifications for everyone concerned.

heavy haul truck

Super Tens

Super Tens trucks transport more stuff in less time.

Super Tens can be built with three pusher axles to increase the amount of allowable gross weight. This translates to a total of 7 axles spread out across 34 feet. This means it’s authorized to transport the interstate’s maximum gross weight: 80,000 pounds!

The Super Ten’s body has been meticulously constructed to dump effortlessly and swiftly while removing all extraneous weight. Every component, from the shape of the bed to the contour of the tailgate, is made of the same high-strength steel. Furthermore, the correct location of the body on the truck chassis aids with weight distribution.

super tens

Tank Trucks

Tank Trucks are specialized vehicles that transport and distribute Liquids or gases. Due to the large range of liquids, there are numerous variations of tank trucks. All of our equipment and products are available for sale or rent please contact us for more information.

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