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Solar Message Centers

K&S Industries represents leading manufacturers of portable changeable message centers. Our fleet across the country is made up of a variety of solar message signs which are used to alert and inform motorists on roadway construction or maintenance projects. Changeable message centers may also be used for incident management, special events or notification of future construction or events. In addition, message centers, when paired with software and other traffic devices, are used for smart work zones which provide real time travel assistance to roadway users.

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Standard Features

  • On-board dedicated NTCIP-compliant controller
  • 5 LEDs per pixel provide uniform light output
  • Energy-efficient LED display provides minimal battery maintenance and long operational life
  • Automatic intensity control provides optimum
  • LED intensity
  • Industrial-grade trailer provides a stable platform
  • Powder-coat paint for improved fade and scratch resistance
  • Automotive-grade connectors

The Ver-Mac PCMS-1500 Pro Series is a full-matrix trailer-mounted portable changeable message sign. The default display is 3 lines and 8 characters (18 in.) per line, with the ability to display multiple fonts,
lines of text, and graphics. It features Stealth Technology, NTCIP-compliant V-Touch controller, V-Sync Wi-Fi communication and JamLogic® Fleet Management Software. This unit combines cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient design, and high-quality construction
to provide the most reliable, cost-effective, and safe-to-operate message sign on the market. It is the perfect full-matrix model to be used for highway construction.


  • Maintenance-Free Batteries
  • Anti-Theft Hidden Battery Compartment


  • Change Messages Via Wi-Fi Using Your Smartphone
  • Safely Change Messages Out of Traffic


  • Large Footprint For Greater Stability
  • Diamond Plate Maintenance Platform
  • Tongue Wheel Jack for safe and easy set up
  • Controller located away from the road
  • Rugged Indexed Rod Mast Brake


  • No 3G Upgrade Needed
  • 10-Year Fleet Cell Service
  • SWZ upgrade (optional)
  • Hourly Automated Refresh and Battery/GPS Alerts & Reports
  • Interactive Map & List View of All Equipment
  • Project Folders to Group Equipment
  • Historical Log of all Locally & Remotely Activated Messages with Date/Time
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Standard Features

  • On-board dedicated NTCIP controller provides easy programming with secure password protection
  • Energy-efficient LED display provides minimal battery maintenance and long operational life
  • Automatic intensity control provides optimum LED intensity
  • Industrial-grade trailer provides stable platform
  • 4 leveling jacks with slide-out extensions provide stability when deployed
  • Powder-coat paint for improved fade and scratch resistance
  • Calendar programming capability
  • Full Matrix display (4′ x 8′) provides graphic messages and arrow board capability
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Standard Features

  • On-board dedicated NTCIP controller provides easy programming with secure password protection
  • Energy-efficient LED display provides minimal battery maintenance and long operational life
  • Automatic intensity control provides optimum
  • LED intensity
  • Industrial-grade trailer provides stable platform
  • 4 leveling jacks with slide-out extensions provide stability when deployed
  • Powder-coat paint for improved fade and scratch resistance
  • Calendar programming capability
  • Full Matrix display (3′ x 6′) provides graphic messages and arrow board capability
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Monitoring Equipment

Monitoring software, when paired with other traffic devices such as changeable message signs and speed monitoring equipment, is used for smart work zones in order to improve safety and mobility in and around work zones. Providing the traveling public with real-time information allows a response to traffic conditions such as slowed or stopped traffic ahead. Alternative route information is oftentimes made available giving drivers a choice to avoid congestion. K&S Industries represents leading manufacturers in this cutting-edge technology which provides excellent solutions in order to mitigate traffic congestion for increased roadway user mobility.

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The CHIPS software is a patented internet-based system for monitoring desired events or conditions in a plurality of locations and providing corresponding warnings based on such monitored events or conditions; these events or conditions relate to a traffic monitoring system for use on highways to monitor changing traffic conditions and warn motorists of potential traffic problems ahead.

The ability to monitor events at multiple locations and provide immediate information, response or guidance to persons affected by such events is of great interest to traffic controllers. In a typical arrangement, a plurality of traffic sensors are deployed in the area to be monitored in communication with a centrally located computer(s). One or more motorist warning devices are also located at the appropriate pre-selected locations and are also in communication with the centrally located computer(s). The typical sensors gather speed, volume and occupancy through a designated section of the highway; however, CHIPS is not limited to these types of sensors. Bluetooth readers, satellite detection and cellular tracking can be incorporated. CCTV can also be included for visual confirmation of conditions.

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Jamlogic Software

With increased traveler and worker safety as the number one goal, JamLogic software analyzes traffic data and provides real-time information to the motoring public, project personnel, agencies, traffic management centers and public websites. The following benefits are realized:

  • Cost savings due to reduced incidents
  • Better information to the motoring public
  • Quicker incident response and improved mobility
  • Real-time project visibility
  • Data-analysis at your fingertips
  • A better understanding of traffic conditions

Features include:

  • Interactive list and gps map view of all your
  • Color coded icons for quick diagnostic
  • Custom folders (by projects, customer, etc.)
  • Change font size height or width
  • Message library
  • Message scheduling
  • Messages can be displayed to 1 or many signs at once
  • Power monitoring
  • Communication monitoring
  • Device sharing with customers
  • Ability to create your own graphics or logo
  • Full maintenance diagnostics (printable report)
  • Integration of swz equipment (optional)
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Flashing Arrow Boards

K&S Industries represents leading manufacturers of arrow boards that combine innovative technology with energy-efficient design and high quality construction to make the most reliable and cost-effective arrow boards on the market. Powered by solar-charged battery banks providing high efficiency and low operating costs, the low power draw controller and LED lamps also provide maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through work zones. Battery banks have sealed, cutting edge maintenance free batteries that are concealed inside the trailer deck charged by a top mounted solar panel. Available for sale or rental, our arrow boards conform to and in most cases exceed federal and state MUTCD specifications.

Available with 15 or 25 lights.

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Flashing Arrow Boards

Solar Assisted Advance Warner


  • Battery: Four 12V 18AH sealed maintenance-free batteries hidden inside the trailer deck for theft resistance
  • Solar Panel: Single, top-mounted unit in constant horizontal position
  • Lamp: Fully sealed, 5″ PAR 46 LED with high-impact plastic hoods
  • Sign Panel: Full-sized 48″ x 96″ all-aluminum construction, sealed against the elements
  • Controller: On-board self-contained controller
    with 7 modes of operation
  • Frame Construction: Fully welded with 2,000-lb. axle, 1,000-lb. leaf springs, roller bearings and hubs
  • Tire Size: P185/70R14
  • Maintenance Access Cover: Easy-access design to reach batteries, controller and battery charger in a lockable enclosure; made of 14-GA steel
  • Removable Tongue: Designed for safety and security
  • Hitch: 2″ ball standard. Pintle ring available as an option
  • Battery Charger: Each unit comes standard with a battery charger


  • Rear Ball Hitch Plate
  • 2-in. Bulldog Coupler
  • 3-in. Pintle Ring Hitch
  • Combination Hitch
  • Skid-mount arrow board
    No axle, wheels or outriggers. Can be set in place on truck and clamped or bolted down. 33° horizontal x 11° vertical angularity. Available in 15- and 25-Light models.

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The Ver-Mac ST-4815 Pro Series is a trailer-mounted arrowboard with 15 LED  lamps. It features an innovative Single-Mast Design, V-Switch controller, Stealth Technology, OptiBright technology and is wired
to integrate the Smart Arrowboard option.

The unit combines energy-efficient design and high-quality construction to provide the most reliable, cost-effective and safe to operate arrowboard on the market.



  • Maintenance-Free Battery
  • Anti-Theft Hidden Battery Compartment


  • Exclusive Energy-Efficient Lens Mold
  • Easier Replacement of Lamps
  • Autonomous No Hassle Performance.


  • Diamond Plate Maintenance Platform
  • Rugged Indexed Rod Mast Brake
  • Tongue Wheel Jack for easy and safe set up
  • Secure Support of Arrowboard for Transport
  • Safely Set and Turn Arrowboard to Traffic


  • Easy-to-use rotary switch to quickly select arrow patterns/mode
  • Real-time arrow, solar & battery status
  • Lockable control box for more security
  • Photocell with automatic adjustment


  • Plug & Play Set up
  • Lane Closure Start Location
  • Mode Displayed on Arrow Sign
  • Road Name & Mile Marker Where Deployed
  • Direction of Traffic
  • Side of Road Where Deployed
  • Ability to retrofit existing arrowboard
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Vehicle Mounted Arrow Board


  • Available in 3 sizes: 48″ x 24″, 60″ x 30″, 72″ x 36″
  • 48″ x 24″ Only available in 15 light model;
  • 60″ x 30″ and 72″ x 36″ both available in
  • 15 and 25 light models
  • Durable, lightweight, all weather, aluminum construction
  • Equipped with a spring-loaded locking device for added stability in both travel and display positions
  • Available in manual or optional power-actuated lift models
  • Available in PAR 36 or 46 LED Lamps
  • Solid state controller provides photocell dimming to reduce nighttime glare
  • Complies with MUTCD requirements
  • Optional wireless, hand-held controller available

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Construction Speed Awareness Monitor

ConSAM  radar speed display is designed for both high speed roadways and secondary roads. The Construction Speed Awareness Monitor (ConSAM) provides exacting driver feedback of vehicle speed while providing a MUTCD-approved static speed limit sign with user changeable numerals. Built solid, with easy setup and towing. Maximum viewing at longer distances thanks to the 18″ LED display.


  • Long battery run time
  • Solar powered
  • 18″ LED display
  • Flashing background alert function
  • Maximum speed cut-off function
  • Easy intuitive solid state controller
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optional Data Logger w/software analysis package
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Variable Speed Limit Trailer

The Variable Speed Limit Trailer can be utilized in both a fixed mounted application or portable application providing the best solution for your highway safety needs. An LED display allows optimum viewing for varying highway speeds. Through the use of wireless communication, the speed limit sign can be controlled from a remote location allowing rapid changing of roadway speeds in the event of a road repair or inclement weather conditions.


  • White LED display for maximum viewing at variable speeds
  • NCHRP 350 Compliant (Category 4)
  • Tamper- and vandal-resistant power supply and controls
  • Industrial-grade trailer to give years of dependable service
  • Multiple designs available to meet specific State requirements
  • Top solar panel mounting for maximum exposure to sun
  • Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
  • Fold-down travel position for more efficient shipping
  • Beacons work in conjunction with Speed Display
  • Hardwired hand control allows user to power on/off unit and change work zone speed (remote programming available)
  • Auto Dimming Display and Beacons
  • All sign colors and sheeting types per specific state requirements available
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Queue Trailer

The Queue Detection System collects and processes traffic data as programmed within the software provided with the sensor. This data can then be transmitted over a digital cellular network to both access and store the respective data remotely. The remote monitoring and data collection offers the user the ability to place the Queue Detection System in areas that would require wireless communication versus an AC powered system. With the use of both solar power and deep cycle batteries the Queue Detection system provides a self contained, completely autonomous solution to traffic monitoring needs.


  • Industrial grade trailer to give years of dependable service
  • Microwave detection reliably detects up to 8 lanes of traffic
  • Provide data including speed, volume and occupancy
  • Available as a portable unit or permanent mount
  • Adjustable solar array for maximum exposure to sun
  • Removable tongue
  • Optional digital cellular communications
  • Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
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Camera Trailer

The EzCam provides a portable, self-contained all-weather, trailer-mounted equipment platform. Through the use of wireless communication, the EzCam provides the end user a rapidly deployable real-time video system viewable from a remote location. The EzCam can be used as a stand-alone camera system or tied into a large existing CCTV System.


  • Day/Night adjustable Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP addressable cameras
  • Industrial-grade trailer to give years of dependable service
  • 32-ft. extendable mast with 360° lockable rotation
  • Microwave and digital cellular communication available
  • Capable of providing streaming or snapshot video
  • Electric hoists for rapid deployment
  • Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
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Portable Traffic Signals

K&S Industries represents the leading industry manufacturer of both short-term and long-term portable traffic signals (PTS). Growing more popular in work zones, with the use of PTS, flaggers can be safely and efficiently removed from the work zone thereby eliminating their exposure. The PTS technology is convenient, in that much of it is solar-powered and wireless. It is quick to install and remove. There are significant differences in how sophisticated and versatile such systems can be and how complex or simple their programming may be. Please consult with a K&S Industries expert to fully understand your needs before you specify or choose a PTS system. For instance, you may need more simple equipment to handle a single lane closure. Or, you may need equipment to temporarily replace a complex intersection. Either way, you can rely on K&S Industries to offer quality equipment and the technology to go with it in order to get your job done, on-time and within budget.

Portable Traffic Signals

SQ2 Portable Traffic Signal

The SQ2 Portable Traffic Signal is the most dependable and user-friendly flagger safety PTS system. Don’t be fooled by its compact size — the SQ2 system is engineered to the same high-quality standards you have come to expect from Horizon Signal. The SQ2 PTS system is the ideal work zone tool for daily or short-term projects. It has the versatility to handle a wide range of applications including parking garages, haul roads, ramp meters, and more.

The SQ2 system is MUTCD compliant and also meets or exceeds all NEMA TS-5 requirements for Type 2 PTS.

The SQ2 is the only NEMA Type TR2 signal available today that has been successfully crash tested.

5-7 days of operation on a single charge

SQ2 carts are easily maneuvered into place via convenient lifting handles

Extend battery life and level carts on uneven surfaces

Each Horizon PTS features the built-in redundancy of TWO conflict monitors — the most secure system in the industry.

Easily move and store up to (4) SQ2 carts and accessories in one enclosed trailer.

Wireless handheld control with built-in safety measures to prevent conflicts.

Text message and/or email alerts with up-to-the-minute signal status notifications.

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Portable Traffic Signals

SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal
Approved by more DOTs than any other PTS System

The NEMA Type TR1 SQ3TS Trailer-Mounted PTS is the most dynamic and dependable signal available today. With an industry-leading 100-mph wind load and 25-year design life, the SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal is the temporary traffic control workhorse that you can rely on year after year.

From a simple one-lane bridge repair project, to complete intersection control, the SQ3TS System has you covered, under even the most demanding conditions.

The SQ3TS trailer is built with only the highest-quality materials to ensure your signals function at the highest level year after year.  No other PTS comes close.

Independent 3rd-party analyses have concluded that the SQ3TS can withstand sustained winds of 100 MPH, and gusts of 110 MPH.

The SQ3TS comes backed by an industry-leading 10-year structural warranty.

Each Horizon PTS features the built-in redundancy of TWO conflict monitors — the most secure system in the industry.

Facilitates placement of the SQ3TS behind guardrail, fences, barriers, or other work zone obstacles

Simple pushbutton activation lifts the overhead mast arm into the operating position with no failure-prone cables or winches.

30+ days of runtime on every SQ3TS system

Lay-flat solar panels aid in achieving our high wind load ratings, and also help prevent theft or vandalism.

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Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD)

Single-head with gate-arm design for short-term flagging needs.

The RCF 2.4 Automated Flagger Assistance Device is designed to be operated by a Traffic Control Person via remote control, from a safe location. One flag-person can control one or two units in work zones up to 800 feet long, or two flaggers can operate two units in work zones.


  • 8 foot, highly visible gate-arm
  • Provides “positive,” visual vehicle control
  • Flagger stands at a safe location while controlling traffic
  • Flagger is safe during control of traffic
  • User-friendly controller design
  • Operator training takes less than 5 minutes
  • Hand-held radio remote control – one flagger can control one or two units with a clear line of sight
  • Lightweight design with quick setup time.
  • Can be repositioned by hand as opposed to by truck
  • Each controller can be designated as a Primary Unit, or a Secondary Unit
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