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Corporate Trademarks and Logos


Signage is a critical element of your brand. Displaying your company logo in public locations maximizes the brand’s exposure while serving such primary functions as identifying retail and office facilities and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic. K&S Industries ensures that your logo will be produced exactly as you intend it with scale, positioning and color in order to promote your brand correctly.

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CNC Routed Signs

K&S Industries has one of the largest CNC sign router tables in the industry. From 3-D modeling to large quantity runs, we have a large variety of substrate materials in which to choose, such as aluminum, HDU (High Density Urethane), wood and PVC.

Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs exude craftsmanship in providing a very unique and elegant look to your business as opposed to a standard flat sign. Whether using wood or sign foam, the surface after sandblasting is cleaned and prepared for priming and finishing to meet your specifications.

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Directional and Informational Signs

K&S Industries works with golf courses, sporting arenas, other recreational facilities, shopping complexes and many others in providing custom signs, plaques and markers. Whether you need office directory signs, wayfaring signs to assist visitors in their navigation of your facility or even interpretive signs for your exhibits, we have a sign solution that meets your functional needs while offering the beauty of a well-designed sign system.

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