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ADA Truncated Dome Panels


  • Applies to concrete (including green) and asphalt;
    new and existing surfaces
  • Supplied in a convenient kit to complete 32 sq. ft.
    of application
  • Complies with current Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility
  • Guidelines (PROWAG) and ADA/ABA-Accessibility Guidelines (formerly ADAAG)
  • New convenient 2’x4′ sheet; also in 2’x3′, 1’x2′, 1’x3′,
    plus a wedge piece
  • Conforms to contours
  • Easy to cut with heavy-duty scissors for special angles and curves
  • No fasteners, anchors or power tools required
  • Quick and simple mobilization
  • Slip-resistant; abrasive component throughout the material
  • Long-lasting color pigments are organic and contain no heavy metals
  • The truncated domes are integral parts of the material – not add-ons.
  • Made at ISO 9001:2008 certified facility
  • Simple 4-step application process with Flint 2000EX® Heat Torch
  • 35 lb. Roller required for proper install
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Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are a simple way to ensure traffic safety in commercial parking lots and other pedestrian and residential areas. These speed bumps help slow down vehicles to a safe speed while keeping traffic moving. Speed bumps can be easily installed, are low-maintenance and can be removed during snow plowing. Choose K&S Industries’s variety of road speed bumps, high-visibility speed bumps and solid plastic speed bumps for your specific traffic control needs.

Speed Bumps


  • Made of 100% recycled rubber
  • Long lasting and cost efficient
  • Reduces speed to 1-5 mph
  • High visibility at night
  • Simple installation
  • Product can be installed in sections to create varying lengths
  • Will not warp, crack, chip or rot
  • Can be installed on any road surface
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures
  • Temporary or permanent installation – Can relocate when resurfacing / maintaining road surfaces; products can be stored and re-used
  • Channeled bottom for cabling and piping
  • Lowers insurance premiums for lot owners
  • Maintenance free
  • Warranty: 3 years on the product; 1 year on the tape (under normal use)
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Speed Bumps

Go Green with Plastic Speed Bumps!


  • Manufactured in safety yellow
  • Sizes: 2″ high by 10″ wide by 4′, 6′ or 9′ long
  • Shipped pre-drilled with hardware
  • Specify concrete lag screws or asphalt spikes
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
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Parking Curbs


  • Made of 100% recycled rubber
  • Long lasting and cost efficient
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor parking
  • Will not chip, crack or fade
  • High visibility at night
  • Simple installation by one person
  • Can be installed on any road surface
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures
  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • 1/10th the weight of standard concrete curb
  • Do not require heavy machinery
  • Maintenance free
  • Warranty: 3 years on the product; 1 year on the tape (under normal use)
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City Posts

The City Post is the highest-performing channelizer post on the market today. It remains flexible, even at extremely high and low temperatures, and returns to a full upright position even after 100 impacts at 70 mph (112 km/h).

The City Post was created using advanced engineering resins to provide maximum strength and superior durability. The solid, single unit polyurethane construction absorbs impacts and rebounds instantly.

Testing and Certificates:

Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI)

  • 100 impact NTPEP test at 70 mph / 112 km/h
  • Less than 3 degrees off vertical
  • Not a single failure
  • EN 12767 Passive Safety Certified
  • MUTCD-compliant
  • NCHRP 350 accepted

The City post has three styles to cover all installation requirements:
Embedded Anchor Cup, Surface Mount (SM), or Glue Down (GD)

Applications for the City Post include:

  • HOT and HOV Lanes
  • Dangerous Curves
  • Toll Plazas
  • Bike Lanes
  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Gore Areas
  • Traffic Circles
  • Pedestrian Walkways
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Ped Crosswalk Signs


  • Durable blow-molded polyethylene panels and recycled rubber bases
    To assemble, simply
  • “Step-n-Lock” the vertical panel into the base
  • For transportation and storage, both the panels and bases can be easily separated and stacked
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Bollard Covers

Bollard Covers enhance and protect the appearance of bumper-post steel bollards in all indoor and outdoor applications.  Bollardguard is constructed from 1/8” thick polyethylene (HDPE and MDPE) and high-grade reflective tape for durability and long life.

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Safegate Manhold Guards

Ideal for utility work – Nonconductive!


  • Nonconductive (dielectric), no metal used
  • Great for protecting any area requiring temporary restriction of access
  • Hinged clips make it easy to configure sections into rectangles of various sizes
  • Locking clamp to be used for straight sections
  • Folds up easily for storage and sets up quickly
  • Carry handles for transport
  • Longer life than metal; replacement sections available
  • Available in yellow
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Manhole Protector Rings

An easier alternative to cold patching.

Now you can smooth over those exposed manhole risers during road construction projects in a matter of seconds. Made of tough, durable rubber, these Protector Rings fit securely around manhole risers. They won’t shift or slip. Just drop them into place and remove them simply by picking them up. You’ll save money too, because these Protector Rings can be used again and again. They can easily be stacked to save space. Their subtle gradient design enables motorists to drive over exposed manhole risers smoothly and safely without damaging their tires or vehicles. These Protector Rings come in various sizes to accommodate manhole risers of different diameters.


  • Cost-effective
  • Eliminates need for cold patching
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Grip-tight design
  • Provides for smooth riding
  • Reusable
  • Stackable for storage
  • Made of durable 100% recyclable rubber
  • Available in various sizes
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Easy Off Manhole Cover Remover and Manhole Cover Hook


The Easy-Off manhole cover remover is a lightweight yet durable tool that is versatile enough to remove even the most stubborn manhole covers. Constructed of extra-heavy, walled steel tubing, it is reinforced at the stress point by an extra-wide, extruded collar which provides 360° contact with the shaft. To use, simply place J hook into the cover hole, attach the chain to the S-hook, then pull back on the handle.

Operating Instructions

  • Secure the “J” hook through the hole of the manhole cover.
  • Next, position shaft over manhole (as shown), take up the chain slack and attach to “S” hook.
  • Pull back on Easy-Off handle displacing cover. Move tool away from manhole until chain is tight and repeat.


This tool is designed to remove stubborn manhole covers manually. Just insert the hook under the groove of the lid and pull upwards. The hook is made of high-grade hexagon tool steel that has been properly hardened to prevent bending under stress.

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Trench Covers

You’ll Never Want To Use Steel or Wood Again!

  • Designed to cover trenches 27″ or 35″
  • Takes the weight of a vehicle up to 4,410 lbs.
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Deters metal thieves
  • Beveled edge prevents tripping
  • Molded from a single piece of fiberglass composite
  • Underside has ribbed framework for added strength
  • Recommend bolting to road surface
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Road Plate System

The ideal Substitute for steel plates – no boomtruck or cold patch needed!

  • Easy-to-install modular system
  • No special lift equipment needed
  • Two man lift for installation, 97 lbs. per section
  • Tested to vehicle weights of 96,800 lbs.
  • Single wheel load, 14,520 lbs. at 27.5″ trench width
  • No rust or corrosion, long-lasting polymer material
  • No “rattle” from crossing vehicles
  • Rubber ends adapt to road surface and eliminate noise
  • Deters metal thieves
  • Anti-slip surface, tread pattern provides grip
  • Ramp design slows traffic for increased safety
  • Features “Drop Pins” that increase stability
  • Pins protrude into trench preventing lateral movement
    of plate
  • Steel linking brackets lock sections together
  • End sections must be bolted to ground in order to lock unit into position
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