K&S Industries is one of the most valuable DBE/SBE/WBE certified construction support companies in the West. We take pride in holding these certifications, but the benefits for our customers are immense. From a company policy standpoint, large and small corporations are always seeking DBE/SBE/WBE-owned businesses to meet supplier diversity goals. This is HUGE! If you have a construction project, K&S Industries can be a part of that undertaking as an approved DBE/SBE/WBE business.

Meeting a business diversity spend will not only help your business but will allow you to expand into government project opportunities as well. Many don’t know this, but by meeting compliance requirements by using a DBE/SBE/WBE certified supplier, companies can expand their revenue by acquiring larger purchase opportunities that mandate a specific amount of spend through a DBE/SBE/WBE.

DBE: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

“To be eligible for DBE program, the firm must be a for-profit small business where socially and economically disadvantaged DBE owner(s) own at least 51% interest, and have managerial and operational control of the business operations; the firm must not be tied to another firm in such a way as to compromise its independence and control”.  (dot.ca.gov)

SBE: Small Business Enterprise

“Some of the key criteria for the SBE certification include being independently owned and operated, not dominant in your field of operation, having your principal office located in California, and owners domiciled in California”. (The Department of General Services, Government of California – https://www.dgs.ca.gov)

WBE: Woman Owned Business Enterprise

Woman Owned Business means a business that is 51% owned by a woman and is a for-profit business located in the United States. The top executive officer, responsible for daily operations is a woman with a technical expertise in the firm’s primary business activity”. (mwbe-enterprises.com)

We Make a Commitment To Help Complete Complex Projects Every Step of the Way.

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