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Raised Pavement Markers

A perfect way to make roads visible to drivers in all weather conditions. Raised pavement markers are engineered for performance and abrasion resistance. All types available in non-plowable and snow-plowable markers.

barricade type 1

Symbols and Legends

Symbols and legends are cut to specification using retro-reflective tape that is easily installed by hand. Exclusively used in permanent applications.

Pavement Marking Tape

Permanent or temporary retro-reflective tapes are used as alternative marking materials and are easily installed by hand. There are several types and grades available. Contact a local K&S Industries branch with project specifications to obtain a pricing.

barricade type 1

Pre-Formed Thermoplastic

Delivered in pre-formed sheets sized specific to customer needs for arrows, legends and symbols. Generally applied with gas burner for ease of installation.

pre-formed thermoplastic


Water and oil based paints are available in various colors.

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