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Portable Traffic Signals

Portable traffic signals provide for safe and efficient traffic control.

Features and benefits:

  • Wide variety of short and long term traffic control applications
  • Fast, efficient deployment lets you focus on the project at hand
  • Solar charging for extended battery life
  • Integrated dual-processor conflict monitoring for the safest operation
  • Numerous upgrades to meet any project requirements
  • Simple, intuitive programming for quick deployments
  • Control up to 14 phases of traffic
  • Compatibility Mode allows for seamless operation with legacy systems
  • Meet/exceed all MUTCD and NEMA TS-5 requirements for PTS
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Driver Feedback Speed Signs


Driver feedback signs are designed to increase driver speed awareness and roadway safety for residential communities, schools & educational corridors, hospitals, business parks, highway and road construction sites, military bases, police enforcement zones and just about anywhere speeding is a problem.

These feature-rich driver feedback signs are a proven solution that slows traffic and also aids state and local agencies in making informed planning and enforcement decisions based on timely access to collected data. The straightforward and license free sign management program is menu driven and comes with a pre-programmed and automatically generated set of reports which provides traffic engineers with an uncomplicated view of speed data statistics along with the option to download raw data for additional comparative analysis.


  • High contrast resolution LED design for day and nighttime visibility
  • In addition to speed limit display, ‘slow down’ text, smile/sad face emoticon and unique strobing features
  • Affordably priced
  • Actively encourages driver compliance to posted speeds
  • Smart data collection and download provides key insights for decision making
  • Easy to install and programmable through Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tough resistance to the elements—low maintenance

9” and 18” matrix signs available.


Reflective Markers


Reflective markers provide safe delineation to drivers in the most adverse weather conditions.

  • Raised Pavement Markers–These markers make roads visible to the driver in all weather conditions, these markers are engineered for performance and abrasion resistance. All types available in non-plowable and snow-plowable markers.
  • Barrier Wall Markers–Micro-prismatic sheeted markers provide delineation for concrete barriers and guardrails. Markers are shatter-proof and bend upon impact rebounding to their original shape. They resist both direct and indirect vehicle impacts even in the coldest weather conditions.
  • Guardrail Markers–Choose from many styles of guardrail markers that are highly visible, durable and easy to install. These markers are manufactured with virgin engineering resins and the brightest reflective tapes. They are constructed to endure the rigors of construction work zones and permanent installations.
  • Chip Seal Markers–These markers can be installed in seconds by one worker with no special equipment, providing high profile delineation on freshly sealed roads prior to permanent striping. A unique adhesive system keeps the flexible marker securely in place.
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Water Barrier Wall


Water barriers are available for sale or rental and can be used for traffic control, construction projects, perimeter security for crowd control at special events and for homeland security purposes. They can be used empty or ballasted with water or sand and can be interconnected or spaced apart to clearly delineate the intended path for motorists, pedestrians or workers. Made of high-density plastic, these barriers are durable, versatile and functional.

Product Features

  • Durable polyethylene plastic minimizes cracking and breaking
  • Molded through forklift holes eliminate bowing when filled with water
  • Large fill hole speeds filling process
  • Drain plugs allow for quick draining and also allows for safe draining when adjacent to moving traffic
  • Steel connection pins allow sections to be locked together
  • Forklift and pallet jack through holes and recesses for easy movement
  • Standard colors are orange/red or white – additional colors available upon request
  • Will accept plastic or chain-link fence (with extended connection pins)
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Mountable Raised Curb System


  • Median separation system that provides efficient and cost-effective channelization of traffic
  • One-piece curb system is an FHWA-approved passive traffic control device consisting of modular raised curb sections mountable by emergency vehicles
  • Flexible upright posts are the toughest channelizer posts on the market
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Multiple applications for the mountable raised curb system

  • Freeway Median Separator
  • Rail-Highway “Quiet Zone” Crossings
  • Acceleration Lanes
  • Left-Turn Restrictions
  • Through Lane Protection in busy urban areas
  • Work Zone 2-way, 2-lane separation
  • Traffic Calming, Round-a-Bouts & Traffic Circles
  • Airport taxiway work zone closures
  • Bike and Pedestrian Lanes
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Rumble Strips


  • Quickly and easily deployed or retrieved; used to alert approaching motorists to an upcoming change to the roadway
  • Application – Three 46.5″ long x 12″ wide rumble strips easily fit together to form a 12′ lane width. Three of these 12′ long assemblies are spaced evenly on roadways to alert drivers to the upcoming work zone or safety checkpoint. Full 1″ thickness x 12″ width delivers better sensory awareness to the motorist.
  • Ease of Assembly – Assembles quickly with one person. Pliable rubber with jigsaw connection provides easy connection of strips. Can be assembled in-line or staggered for additional driver awareness. Bidirectional ramp eliminates orientation of the strip on the roadway.

TrafFix Alert Specifications

Weight – 24 lbs. (10.89 kg)
Height – 1.0 inch (2.54 cm)
Length – 46.5 inches (118.11 cm)
Width – 12.0 inches (30.48 cm)
Material – Recycled Rubber

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Glare Screen



  • Attach to the existing barrier wall
  • Reduce headlight glare from opposing traffic
  • Curtail gawking in work zones
  • Prevent pedestrians from crossing barrier


  • Reduces installation time!
  • Unique “Snap in Place” design
  • Quick and easy installation and removal on-site
  • Limits worker exposure to dangerous work zones
  • Reduces labor costs!
  • No time-consuming preassembly needed
  • Reduces transportation costs by 65% or more
  • Fit over 3 miles of glare screen on one semi truck, compare to 1 mile of competitor’s product
  • Reduces storage space needed by 80% or more
  • Quick to dissassemble and store
  • Compact stacking of rails and blades
  • Blades are repositionable on-site for barrier wall relocation
  • Only two blades need to be removed for relocation
  • Base rail remains in place
  • Standard product is for use on left side of traffic
  • Can be provided for use on both left and right sides

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Marine Navigation Products


K&S Industries provides certain safety devices for use in marine navigation. These include beacons, signage and buoys intended to assist navigators in determining their position or safe course, or to warn of any dangers or obstructions to navigation. 

The Sealite SL15 solar marine light features a one nautical mile visible range.

  • 16 user programmable flash codes
  • 4 ultra high intensity LEDs
  • 3 year fix or replace warranty

The SLB700 Sea Buoy is a short-range buoy designed for immediate installation. Typical applications include day and night channel, speed zone, restricted area marking and aquaculture. The SLB700 Sea Buoy is long-lasting and is molded in strong, durable UV-stabilised polyethylene.

Aid to Navigation (ATON) Signs protect nautical travelers.  A full line of ATON Signs are available for sale or rent from K&S Industries.

Meets UL912 and DOT and ICC Specifications.

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Driveway Assistance Device

The Driveway Assistance Device (DAD) solves a longstanding work zone dilemma: How to control residential driveways that fall within a one-lane bidirectional workzone.

Each DAD is equipped with two flashing arrows to inform the motorists as to the direction traffic is flowing through the work zone. Drivers may enter the queue in the direction of the flashing arrow, thus reducing the likelihood of wrong-way driving within the lane closure.

As part of the signal system network, each DAD has full conflict monitoring capabilities. The DADs also have the capability to be activated and deactivated sequentially in order to maximize safety within the signal setup.

LED arrow indications inform the motorist as to the direction of traffic flow.

One DAD is placed at each residential driveway within the work zone, with the ability to control an unlimited number of driveways.

The ability to operate DADs sequentially enhances overall safety.

The DAD is available on multiple platforms to meet specific project requirements

Each DAD has full conflict monitoring capabilities featuring Horizon’s dual-processor MMS.

All driveways are serviced each cycle without requiring additional red clearance time, thus keeping cycle times to a minimum.

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